Light of Being

Light of Being

is the spiritual light
that shines from within more freely
when you live with your essence,

let it flower, and share its fragrance

with the world.




Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual Awareness

is not something you can achieve,
but it is a sensitive way of being
that connects you
with the deeper values

of your being.

School of Spiritual Awareness

 One essence,
twelve teachings

Anandajay, which means "blessing from the heart," is the inspirer of The Light of Being and developed 12 teachings that make the blissful value of your spiritual existence experienceable. The Light of Being teachings include: meditation, yoga, heart-singing, mantra-prayers, soul-guidance, sacred dance, massage, healing, breath guidance, aura-awakening, insight and lovesharing-tantra.


Courses, seminars and weekends

De Light of Being teachers give courses, seminars and weekends, individual guidance and specialization programs in the various work forms, see below the upcoming activities or view the full agenda. Anandajay gives retreats during the summer school in which he deepens the peace message that underlies the teachings.

Course on request


Course on request


In the Belgian Eifel


Course on request


Course on request


In the Belgian Eifel and Nijmegen (NL)


Anandajay’s message of peace is a message which is needed and longed for in the world and in the hearts of every human being, and it asks you to sensitively open yourself to realisation instead of conviction, to being instead of becoming, to a loving approach instead of a fighting habit and to bringing things together instead of further dividing them.

This has led him to the following four main directions of guidance: Jnana (insight), -Dhyana (meditation), -Yoga and -Tantra.


These four orientations help guide you to bridge the divide between the outside and inside, between your depth and your form, and to further integrate the limitations of the physical and your inner freedom.


Awake from your by habits automated consciousness and her convictions and open again for the freedom to think and feel yourself, so that those Insights can connect you deeply with your joy of life. Read more... 


Let meditation take you to the center of yourself and your experiences of being and sense the silence, enclosure and wholeness that  blossoms from there and feel how that heals all levels of your humanity and leads you into the core of your being. Read more...


Discover that love is a healing and nurturing force, that deeply relaxes you by giving you an unlimited and free flow of pure and essential life energy, which will heal and support you in every yogaposture of your body as well as in every attitude towards life. Read more...


Learn to let the mirror of your energetic reality serve you to deepen your relationship with yourself, with others, and with everything in life, creating a more concillatory openness, that makes the quality of those relationships more genuine and fulfilling. Read more...


Posts from Anandajay


"The value of spiritual guidance blossoms 

when you are there 

to receive her receptively."

The Light of Being Center is located in the East Belgian Eifel, it is a spacious complex that not only houses the school, but is also an attractive accommodation for retreats and days of silence or reflection, which you can book here as an individual or as a group.


The center has a large meditation room, a practice for individual counseling, 14 guest rooms, a spacious lounge with living kitchen and is surrounded by a rural garden.

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Light of Being center

Hergersberg 44-46, 4760 Büllingen, Belgium (map)

Phonenumber: +32 80 548 638