Light of Being

Light of Being

is the spiritual light
that shines from within more freely
when you live with your essence,

let it flower, and share its fragrance

with the world.


Retreats, courses and summer school

Anandajay gives his summer school activities every year from May to September at the Light of Being center, on several days in this period you can meet him for individual guidance in English. During the year other teachers offer online courses, weekends, classes and individual guidance.


lob-img-0001_edited.jpg the site of The Light of Being, School of Spiritual Awareness of Anandajay & Teachers. This site wishes to be a helping hand for anyone who desires to let loving openness and liberating clarity guide their spiritual development, leading to a more affectionate way of living together. 

Spiritual Awareness


One essence
Twelve Teachings

In the School we work with the twelve teachings, developed by Anandajay, that guide you to a wider spiritual awareness. These include yoga, heartsinging, sacred dance, breathing, guidance, massage, healing, meditation and soul-guidance (see the twelve teachings).

Spiritual Awareness

is not something you can achieve,
but it is a sensitive way of being
that connects you
with the deeper values

of your being.


Anandajay, meaning 'blessing from the heart', is the inspirer of The Light of Being. He is a spiritual teacher of Dutch descent, who has been guiding and supporting people in their spiritual awakening for more than forty years. From his clarity, dedication and energetic sensitivity, he lets you experience how valuable you are and that everything you are looking for is already present in you. He guides you to open up to that spiritual value, so that you can live from that spiritual wealth and contribute to society. More about Anandajay...

Through his books (written in Dutch)music and videos, get acquainted with his insights into the spiritual value of being human, his playful devotion, love for his inspiration, his involvement in life and the message of peace that he offers. Below you can read about our programs and spiritual teachings.


Mp3 albums


Music videos

Anandajay has composed more than a hundred mantras, pujas (mantra prayers) and ragas for their healing effect as well as for performing his pujas, sacred dance and exercises such as the surya namaskar. The pieces of music are devotional expressions of deep meditative touches and connect you to your essence and the love, gratitude and dedication that come from it. To the music...



Meditations & interviews

Meditations and interviews with Anandajay (subtitled) and music videos.



16 May, 19.45-21h CET


10 November, 7.30-8.30 pm CET


In the Belgian Eifel


1 November, 7.30-8.30 pm CET

18 November, 7.30-8.30 pm CET


In the Belgian Eifel and Nijmegen (NL)


Anandajay's Teachings

A peaceful path which connects your transient existence with the eternal depth.


With his 'four directions' Anandajay builds bridges between outside and inside, between your depth and your form. With this he gives you the possibility to integrate the immense difference between your physical limited existence and your inner immeasurable freedom into your life.


Awake from your by habits automated consciousness and her convictions and open again for the freedom to think and feel yourself, so that those Insights can connect you deeply with your joy of life. Read more... 


Let meditation take you to the center of yourself and your experiences of being and sense the silence, enclosure and wholeness that  blossoms from there and feel how that heals all levels of your humanity and leads you into the core of your being. Read more...


Discover that love is a healing and nurturing force, that deeply relaxes you by giving you an unlimited and free flow of pure and essential life energy, which will heal and support you in every yogaposture of your body as well as in every attitude towards life. Read more...


Learn to let the mirror of your energetic reality serve you to deepen your relationship with yourself, with others, and with everything in life, creating a more concillatory openness, that makes the quality of those relationships more genuine and fulfilling. Read more...


Light of Being Center

Our spiritual centre is located in Hergersberg in the German speaking part of the Belgian Eifel. If you wish to be on your own for a while and reflect on your spiritual process and your way of living, there are rooms available with a shared bathroom, kitchen, lounge and meditation hall, and there is an apartment with its own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, meditation room and living room, with its own front entrance and access to a private terrace and garden.           

Meditatieruimte Light of Being centrum

The Light of Being center of Anandajay and the School of Spiritual Awareness in the eastern Belgian Eifel is a carefully and diligently managed accommodation. As teachers at the school we enjoy welcoming guests and students for their retreats and courses and love to accompany and assist them during their stay in our school and retreat center.


We work from our common desire to contribute to a world where people live more harmoniously together. In our program we use a total of 12 entrances such as meditation, dance, breathing, healing and heartsinging to guide you to the depth within yourself so that you can discover your inner richness in that openness. More about the School...

Posts from Anandajay

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"The value of spiritual guidance blossoms
when you are there
to receive her receptively."



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