Colors what you feel and may exist in color

Online course AuraAwakening

In this online course you will get acquainted with the energies of your chakras and their radiance in the aura around you. It is accessible for beginners and advanced students, because it is always valuable for everyone to pay attention to these areas. You will be guided through a meditation that makes you sensitive to your energetic reality and you will learn to feel it, to understand it, to translate it into color and to color it in on specially designed drawings. By 'colouring what you feel and feeling what you color' these energies become visible on paper as well, making contact with them more intense and touching, because it actually feels so familiar, but perhaps never so consciously met.

So this course can help you become more sensitive to these subtle layers and make them belong to you again. By opening up to them and lovingly accepting the reality of what it feels like to you at that moment, without judgment, you give your chakras and aura the opportunity to open up and blossom. 

This gives you a colorful, energetic dimension, in which your existence feels more complete and you can meet yourself in a whole new way. Because of this openness, your essence becomes more tangible and her peaceful love can radiate more. If this theme appeals to you, you are welcome to participate.

Chakra & color

Everything is energy and everything has an aura. The seven chakras receive the pure life energy, they take care of all your bodily functions, give you different specific qualities and radiate through your personality in different colors. Everything you experience, think or feel influences the openness and color of the chakras and all this in turn affects your body, your aura and your wellbeing. This fundamental energetic part of your existence is well worth getting to know and giving attention and space.

Individual AuraAwakening

Online via Zoom: € 60,- for a session of one hour.

Live in Nijmegen or in our Spiritual Centre in Belgium: € 60 ,- for a session of one hour.

Groups on request, contribution based on actual situation.

Individual specialization program AuraAwakening

Program and contribution based on personal situation in consultation.

For additional information and registration please contact Carina (0032 474 69 42 66)

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Anandajay about AuraAwakening

With AuraAwakening you increase your self-awareness

by becoming receptive to the meaningfulness of your aura.

By recognizing and coloring the spheres of your aura in drawings of spiritual experience,

let her sensitive wisdom awaken you further and further in your presence.

Anandajay says about the principles of this work form: In the AuraAwakening, by recognizing how the light of your soul crystallizes through your humanity in your aura, you become aware of your refined and energetic truth. Through the energies of your aura you experience the extent to which the light of your soul may shine through your existence, in other words, the extent to which you have opened your life to your inspiration.

By opening yourself to the currents and colors that are recognizable in your aura, you become more sensitive to those vibrations, moods, and energy currents and learn to understand what these refined reflections of your soul want to tell you about how you are spiritually.

By coloring these energies, colors and currents into drawings of human, spiritual experience, a painting of what your energetic truth looks like at that moment is created. You have thus shaped your relationship with your soul and the radiance of you as an animated human being, despite the fact that the soul as a tangible fact will always remain a great mystery.

By ultimately letting the final color drawing of your aura affect you through meditative receptivity, your inner knowing will understand how free and in accordance you really are with your soul. This refined awareness will help you give the light of your inspiration more influence where it is needed. The harmonization that this will bring about will ensure that your lifestyle and health will be brought more in harmony with the light of your soul, of your being, of yourself.