ChakraHealing and Selfhealing:

Let the energy of being flow and radiate again

Online course Selfhealing

This Selfhealing course consists of a number of online sessions (via Zoom) of one hour, in which you get acquainted with what this form of Chakrahealing can do for you.

In Selfhealing you are invited to touch different energy points of your body. By opening to these touches and allowing the life energy you receive, this energy will flow freely into your body. In this way there is room to let go of accumulated tensions and a natural balance is created from within. You feel healed and that means: you experience 'the wholeness that you are', you feel more valuable and fulfilled.

In this course you will learn to open yourself to the energy of being, you will get to know the different ways of touching and we will practice with the most relevant healing points and their specific influence.


The ChakraHealing is characterized by the open and relational togetherness of the healer and the one who is healed. In a way, healing is a cooperation. Through his hands or fingertips the healer allows his energy to flow to the receiver and the receiver is asked to open for it, to accept the offered energy and to actually allow the healing. This process of receiving (and/or letting go of) energy triggers a flow through which boundaries and blockages can soften or dissolve, so that the light of life gets more space to shine through you and you feel more whole again, you feel 'healed'.

70 healingpoints around the chakras

Anandajay has described 70 healing points on the body in this form of healing. The touch and inflow at each of these points brings an energy into motion with a specific quality of being. For example, the points on the ankles bring an energy into flow that brings you home to the 'singular', the simplicity of yourself. This makes you feel that you are standing on your own and the flow brings you into contact with the earth through your feet as your support.

Online course Selfhealing

Course: on request

Contribution € 30 (3x, trial lesson free).

Location: online via Zoom, the link will be sent before the start of the meeting.

For additional information and registration please contact Barbara +31 6 2188 1523 or click on contact.

Individual Selfhealing on Zoom

€ 60 for an hourly session.

Individual Chakra healing live in Nijmegen or in our Spiritual Centre in Belgium € 75 for a one-and-a half hour session.


Anandajay about ChakraHealing

ChakraHealing is a form of healing

that from a deep respect for the healing value of pure life energy,

attunes your chakras to the power of your existence and inspiration.

This ChakraHealing approaches your human being as a self-contained cosmos of elementary life energies, in which seven chakras are the most important planets. Chakras are gathering places of different life energies and in order for them  to fully blossom, it is important that they are allowed to radiate their energy freely. The desire to be healed, to be whole again, is a longing to open up for these energies and receive their influence.

With ChakraHealing you are supported by the healer, who touches certain points on your body, to allow energy deeper and deeper flowing into you. Hereby you experience a growing feeling of fulfillment and wholeness.

The one who gives you this healing will first meditatively open up to the cosmos that surrounds you both and the energy of being that carries you both. From there he or she offers you this life energy and you are invited to receive these energy flows and let them be absorbed into you.

This relational exchange allows both of you to be together in an equal relationship, so that from that peaceful basis  the healing can take place from the source of being. You will become more stable on your own ground, so that your chakras can regain their balance and you can experience wholeness from there.