Online course HeartSinging:

Singing and speaking from your inner voice

This HeartSinging course consists of four one-hour online sessions (via Zoom) in which you will become acquainted with what Heartsinging can do for you. By listening to and singing different sounds you will feel more clearly how you are 'tuned' and you will be guided to tune in to your deeper values and to sing and speak from there.

Letting your heart speak

Heartsinging does not only mean that you learn to sing from your heart and your inner self, it also means that you learn to listen to the deeper fundamental tone (the 'inaudible tone') of life and your inner self.

Often in our daily lives we listen to the conditioning of society and to the voices of our ego, so that in our communication we are often out of tune with the voice of our inner self. In these sessions you learn to feel how you are attuned, just like when you are tuning an instrument, and you learn to distinguish between the voice of your ego and the voice of your soul. You will also become acquainted with the healing effects of different sounds, such as the 'A' and the 'O'. For example, by singing sounds from the different chakras, you clear your energies and become more and more attuned to yourself and your deeper values. All this supports you in your daily life to communicate more sincerely, so that your heart will be able to speak more and more.

Online course HeartSinging

Dates 2022: on request

Contribution: €37,50 for 3 lessons (trial lesson free)

For additional information, you can contact Carina: 0032 474 69 42 66

Individual guidance

By appointment

Price: € 60 per hour


Anandajay about HeartSinging

HeartSinging is singing words, sounds and mantras,

from your heart and your inner sensitivity,

which relate to values of love, your inner self, and happiness.

Through the HeartSinging you are invited to lovingly connect with the atmosphere and depth of your heart and the essence of yourself. By letting your sensitivity flow to the outside world through various sounds and letting it sound there, you express how you experience your inner value. Through HeartSinging you actually honour your love relationship with your inner being. By singing from this value, you let your devotional feelings heal.

Through HeartSinging you take the time to let every sound arise from the purity of your heart and be carried by your breath flow. By using your devotional singing to give space to freely express your depth, you bring yourself in line with the sounds and vibrations of your soul.

Whether you sing along to existing mantras or perform a sound, mantra or puja from within yourself, it is only HeartSinging if it is a form of devotion to the beauty you experience within you. If devotional mantras are allowed to mature slowly in you for a longer period of time, this will ensure that your heart eventually sings them and your ego rests.

On the more than fifty mantra-albums released by Anandajay, you can hear how he himself has shaped HeartSinging in various ways through singing and music, and in the workshop Tanpura and Voice he teaches you to sing from your spiritual depth and touch, in addition to playing the tanpura quietly.