Guidance and courses


Guidance & courses

Individual consultations

At various locations in the Netherlands, in our center in Belgium and also online, you can find individual coaching in all Light of Being work forms. The guidance can be once-only, but can also cover a longer period of time. Unique is the individual trajectory that we offer to people who want to be guided on a daily basis in the transition of a customed self-orientation to a more spiritual way of living. We call this guidance 'Soul Guidance' and you can compare the trajectory regarding intensity and commitment with walking a pilgrim path.

Not only SoulGuidance, all forms of work respond, each in their own way, to your desire for a different quality of life, in which essential values such as openness, happiness and freedom can be experienced and you will finally have the freedom to be who you are.

The starting point of any guidance is always the reality in which you find yourself. You are invited to accept yourself, your circumstances exactly as they are. Saying yes to 'what is' brings peace. It relaxes you physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and you gain access to a deeper dimension of your humanity. A depth which is not identified with yourself and your circumstances on the surface. It is a much freer and open dimension, it is the ground beneath your personality with all its comings and goings. This ground of being is the depth of your existence that always turns out to be there and lovingly supports your life, if you are open to it.

In other words, all guidance is about reconnecting with yourself, your soul or your origin. Which will  make you feel more at home in life.

Specialization trajectory

In addition to the individual guidance of your personal or spiritual development, we also offer deepening or specialization programs. A specialization program does not focus on your own question for guidance, but you will go deeper into one of the work forms. You get to know the work form in all its levels, and you learn how it 'works'. When you professionally guide people in their development, this specific understanding of being human, and its spiritual depth, can be supportive and add a dimension or depth to your work. It is not an education that we offer, but a specialization. The integration of the work form in your work is part of the specialization program.

In these trajectories we use the books of Anandajay (and sometimes audio recordings of his teachings), which he has written about most work forms.

Online courses

Besides the individual coaching and specialization programs we also offer accessible online courses in heartsinging , meditation, selfhealing and peacebreathing. Consult the page below, or go to the agenda for more information.

Practical information

Individual guidance: Depending on the activity, we offer individual counseling per hour, an hour and a half, or two and a half hours. The contribution varies from 60 euro to 150 euros.

Specialization programs: For individuals, as well as for small groups.

The program, as well as the duration and the contribution, are attuned to the participant(s).

On line courses: Free free introduction, followed by a course of 4 meetings for 40 euro

You can read about the specific workings of the twelve different entrances under the photo, there you can click through to make an appointment for information or guidance.


The twelve teachings

Light of Being-Meditation

Light of Being-Meditation is a form of going inward in which, partly through the use of a mantra, you make contact with the essence in you, behind all the always changing thoughts and feelings.


The PeaceBreathing is a breathing guidance, which frees up your entire breathing space in an organic way, which allows inner peace to arise in you and which harmonizes your aura.


ChakraHealing is a form of healing that attunes your chakras to the power of your existence and soul, from a deep respect for the healing value of pure life energy.


The KoshaMassage is a gentle massage that works on the five energy layers around your soul (koshas) and therefore directly influences your consciousness. The massage harmonizes the koshas in a fluent way, so that a sense of wholeness unfolds, in which your consciousness finds peace.


MantraPrayers are expressions of spiritual poetry or prayers, in which you express your respect for your inner values and your gratitude for your existence with appropriate devotional gestures.


SacredDance is a healing dance in which you come to your innermost being, that connects you with everything as well as allows you to experience joyful, spiritual freedom on your own.


With AuraAwakening you increase your self-awareness by becoming receptive to the meaningfulness of your aura. By recognizing the energetic spheres of your aura and coloring them into drawings, the sensitive wisdom of your aura awakens you even more in your presence.


ShantiYoga is a meditative form of body contact in which you, out of affection for your human existence, let your body and soul come together in peace and harmony.


HeartSinging is the singing of words, sounds and mantras, out of your heart and your inner being, which relate to experienced values of love, innerness and happiness.


LovesharingTantra invites you to open up for the intimate relationship with what you meet in yourself, life and others. Because mutual respect always accompanies this exchange, this relationship is a profound and relational sharing, in which you come together in a greater wholeness than the wholeness of yourself alone.


SoulGuidance is a way of individual guidance in which your spiritual development meets your desire to learn to live more attuned to your inner self, your soul.


A LightMessenger conveys, through bodywork or lectures, spiritual messages that enlighten and free people's consciousness for the depth of existence, so that inner peace and a feeling of originally belonging to a larger community can form the loving foundation of a happy existence.