An energetic and healing massage

liberating, relaxing and connecting,

the benefits of coming home to yourself

you feel peaceful, secure and healed again

This is an energetic massage that brings your deepest depths to life. With gentle touches the five energetic veils (koshas) around your soul are awakened. This means that you will not only experience deep relaxation and tranquility physically as well as mentally, but that your life energy will also be released to revitalize you and that your feelings will be relieved of strain.

Through all these liberations you come into contact with a deep peace within you and the light of your soul in your core regains its natural space to shine through the five koshas. You feel that you have returned to your deepest self. Secure and free.

Read more about the five koshas around the soul underneath the photo.

Individual session KoshaMassage

By appointment.

Duration session: approx. 90 minutes.

Locations: In Belgium: Praktijk Light of Being, Hergersberg 49 in Büllingen (Belgium), and at various locations in the Netherlands see page Teachers

Contribution: € 75

Individual specialization course Koshamassage

Program and contribution based on personal situation in consultation.

Contact person: Annâme (0032 487 226 911)


Anandajay about KoshaMassage

The KoshaMassage is a gentle massage

that acts on the five energetic veils (koshas) around your soul

and therefore has a direct influence on your consciousness.

The massage harmonizes the koshas in a flowing way,

so that a sense of all-embracing completeness unfolds,

in which your consciousness finds peace.

The KoshaMassage subtly brings movement, openness, freedom and flow into the five energetic veils around your soul. The first, outer veil the Annamaya kosha, which relates to the freedom of the cells of the body. The second veil is the Pranamaya kosha, which relates to all the space in which energy moves within you. The third veil is the Manomaya kosha, which relates to the sensitivity of your thinking, feeling and acting. Even closer to the soul there is the Vijnanamaya kosha, which relates to everything that has to do with light, insights, knowing and distinguishing power, and then there is the Anandamaya kosha, which relates to your spiritual experience of love, peace and bliss. Hence this massage can be called a consciousness massage.

In order to become more in tune with the light and happiness of the soul, which is everyone's most innate wish, the koshamassage gently touches the physical reference areas of these energetic veils. In this way you will be addressed to all five dimensions of your existence, so that they will merge and envelop you as a whole. During the massage, harmonic, fluent movements are made on your body, along energy pathways and around your chakras, and corresponding energetic areas in your aura are being touched. The body becomes more and more relaxed, your energies flow more freely, your actions become more in harmony with your thinking and feeling, you dare to trust your deeper knowing and you become more deeply aware of your soul and its quality of bliss. When you, as a human being, sense this wholeness, you will experience how beautiful that is.