Light of Being-Meditation


Online Meditation Course:

Introduction Light of Being Meditation

In this course we offer you the opportunity to experience whether this form of meditation can be an answer to your desire to learn to meditate. Do you long to let your brain come to rest and be freed from your constricted habit of concentration? Do you long to let your emotions rest and open your heart to the love that you essentially are? 

Do you long to rest in freedom in your pelvis from which you can be who you really are, and do you long to feel that you are a part of a greater whole?

In our meetings we use guided meditations as well as the support of meditative yoga, breath guidance, energetic exercises and meditative music.

Online Meditation course

Course 2022: on request

Contribution € 30 (3x, trial lesson free).

Location: online via Zoom, the link will be sent before the start of the meeting

For additional information and registration please contact Barbara +31 6 2188 1523 or click on contact

Individual meditation guidance on Zoom

€ 60 for an hourly session

Live in Nijmegen or in our Spiritual Center in Belgium

€ 60 for one hourly session.

Group meetings on request.


Anandajay about Light of Being-Meditation

In Light of Being Meditation you turn inwards,

and, being supported by the use of a mantra ,

you make contact with that which is essential in you,

behind all the changes.

The Light of Being Meditation invites you to descend via four phases, from the habits of the ego to the source of being within you. This movement brings you from the surface of your being to your inner self. The characteristic of this meditation is that this descending within yourself lets your ego soften organically, so that your inner being becomes clearer.

The meditation expresses your desire to open up to yourself and enter into deeper contact with your essence. When that desire is given space, your life energy flows more freely through you, you become more open to your presence and you come into connection with the radiance of your inner being, of your soul.

In this meditation you make use of a mantra that becomes more and more part of you and your meditation and helps you to come into a deeper connection with the essence in you. You will experience more and more an enveloping silence and inner peace.

In this way you are for a moment completely together with your essence, with yourself and with the whole existence. The Light of Being Meditation brings you in a natural and flowing way to a loving and peaceful coexistence with your being and life as a whole.