At the heart of the guidance from the Light of Being lies the spiritual message of peace, which is always present. This deep, underlying peace is the essence of life and invites you to also be at peace with the surface-aspects of your existence. And peace arises where two or more things may coexist equally and are also connected with each other.

If, for example, in a yoga pose you find yourself with cramped shoulders, you will, from your conditioned habit, engage yourself in relaxing them, you want it gone, that is in fact a reaction from dissatisfaction with how it is. We invite you instead to get in touch with your shoulders, to be open to them exactly as they are, and start sensing and listening to what they have to say to you, what message they carry within. You may already feel, while reading, how peaceful and friendly this approach is, even though the message you hear within yourself may be quite different from what you expected or hoped for.

The LightMessenger helps you to recognize and understand the messages that life carries within itself. And the first message that life has for us is the reality that we find, each and every moment. Life is essentially one big continuous message, which we may connect with and then descend into.

You learn to cooperate with life instead of trying to improve, change or direct it. You will experience that you do not have to work on yourself, but that life works for you, that it is always for you and not against you.

Whether you experience the tense shoulders in yoga, your closed heart in heartsing, or the solidness in your torso in peace breathing, it is that unspoken reality that we meet with peace, so that it feels seen and met in that togetherness.  That is the first peace that arises: no more resistance in the surface, but a coming together. This peaceful (new) reality automatically gives you access to the deeper layers of yourself, where peace can be experienced as the essence of your existence and reaches out to you. From that peace come the truest, clearest and most loving messages, messages that you need at that moment, as an answer to your situation of that moment, and as support for your development on your life path.

Individual specialization course LightMessenger

The LightMessenger initiation is the basic training of the Light of Being Teachers, who receive an annual training to reconnect with its fundamentals. We pass on this training through specialization programs to people who guide others in their personal or spiritual development. 

For more information please contact Barbara: +31 6 2188 1523 or leave a message.


Anandajay about LightMessenger

A LightMessenger offers, through bodywork or readings, spiritual messages,

that enlighten your consciousness

and open it to the depths of existence,

so that inner peace and solidarity

can once again form the loving basis

of a joyful existence.

Anandajay on the principles of the LightMessenger: The LightMessenger brings us the valuable wisdom about the extraordinary experience of peace that underlies life. A LightMessenger does not proclaim opinions, ideas or beliefs, but gives attention to the underlying truth of things and events. An underlying truth ignores both external differences and personal interests and interpretations.

The LightMessenger is an usher who, from a deep respect for everyone's longing for development, offers insights about an all-embracing truth. From inner peace and clarity he or she speaks with people who wish to connect more deeply with their essence, about truth, about the longing for love, about the power of life and about the heart that is the source of love in everyone and the peace that is the source of the Essence in everyone.

Because spiritual and religious beliefs are already abundantly touted in the world as guiding principles, the LightMessenger wishes to go beyond that and connect you more deeply with your ground of being. From that basis you experience that all life has that same foundation, even though the towers built upon it are different. Only when we encounter everything about ourselves and each other through this underlying and shared base will we recognize peace as our true source and origin and experience that love is its most important messenger.