This form of guidance is for people who want to deepen their relationship or who want to be more sincere, open or meaningful with each other. These can be love partners, but also business partners, colleagues, friends, parent and child, or other family relationships. Whatever the connection, your desire to understand each other better and to come to a real exchange is paramount.  Such a change, from functioning in habitual patterns to a sincere involvement with each other, always starts with your willingness to drop existing, ingrained thoughts, manners and images, in order to be able to look again at yourself and at the other. Or in other words, to meet yourself and the other in the living now.

Tantra means weaving, two threads that weave together in such a way that they become one cloth. The threads come very close together in this and in the tantra guidance you are invited to the same intimacy with what you meet in yourself or in the other. You will learn to feel and meet yourself and each other, beyond what you see on the surface and what you already know. 

That is an energetic sensing. You are guided to open up, to stop hiding yourself, to drop your agenda and to meet the other person without armor. Then your energy field (your aura) can unfold and the interaction between you both can become much more natural and respectful, but also more direct and honest. You feel each other's delicate sensitivity again and you recognize it in yourself. This energetic way of being together softens your 'ego limits' and increases your common living space enormously, and also the common ground that carries you, becomes experienceable.

The core of the change you are going through is the opening up to the energetic dimension in yourself and in the other, and that energy field also includes all the differences that may have been the reason for your wish to be guided. None of these differences need to be erased or eliminated. All differences may exist and be embraced, but what changes is that you no longer hold on to them, because you feel the ground underneath. In the space that then arises, differences can be dealt with, then from the different threads that you are, a beautiful, very surprising piece of cloth can emerge.

Practical information

By appointment.

Duration session: 90 minutes or more, depending on the number of people (two or more).

Locations: in Belgium: Practice Light of Being Center, Hergersberg 49 in Büllingen (Belgium). In the Netherlands in Nijmegen.

Contribution: € 90 euro for an hour and a half with two persons, per extra half hour 30 euro will be added. Also for each additional person 30 euro will be added up to a maximum of 150 euro per one and a half hour.

Depending on your question you can book one or two sessions to get insight in what's going on and tools with which you can continue together. You can also engage in a longer trajectory to go through a substantial change or deepening of your relationship together, so that it can be based on a different ground and so that the essence of tantracan be ingetrated into your life.

In an introductory meeting, we look at how the guidance can be attuned to your needs.

For more information, please contact Barbara, 0031 62188 1523 or contact the secretariat.


Anandajay about LovesharingTantra

LovesharingTantra is about the intimate relationship 

with that which you meet in yourself, in life and with others. 

Because mutual respect always accompanies the exchange, 

it is a profound and relational sharing, 

in which you come together to a wholeness greater than your own.

LovesharingTantra invites you to be relationally so open to yourself, another person or life, so that being together fills all the cells in you. Such spiritual love exchanges (Lovesharing) awaken your relational desires, so that the different values that come together in such encounters harmoniously bring you into a greater and embracing wholeness. 

LovesharingTantra weaves (tantra) all relational energies, such as those of desire and action, of surface and depth, of your humanity and that of the other, of you and your soul, into oneness, just as two different threads can be woven into cloth.

LovesharingTantra invites you, out of affection, to enter into the relationship with your inner being, the other or life, so that the essence within you can blossom like a flower and from this abundance also wants to meet the other or life in that fullness and freedom. In this way the deeper values of both yourself and that with which you are in relationship come together, out of love, longingly and joyfully.

In the relationship with yourself, LovesharingTantra guides you to the shores of the lake of love that awaits you in your spiritual heart. The surface of this lake of love reflects who you are and reminds you of the essence you and everything is made up of. Influenced by that depth, you then feel your desire to also enter into the relationship with the other and life and you will experience how that makes both you and the other, as well as the world around you, profoundly happy.