Weekend retreat

Devotion and respect for the life you are

Do you feel that you are the bearer of a deeper value, whatever you call it, your inner self, your soul, your essence, or god within you? And do you have the desire to give that value a greater place in your life, to deepen your contact with it and thereby get to know it better?

The Light of Being MantraPrayers support you in this. These mantra prayers are a combination of healing music, sung mantras and gestures and give you space to enter deeper into the relationship with the essential in you and express your gratitude for the richness that is in you, just because you exist. In a puja, another word for MantraPrayer, you express through the gestures, your reverence for your inner values and your gratitude for your birth and life.

The pujas are all about essential qualities that have been present in you since your birth. By caring for them and paying attention to them, these qualities can nourish and empower you, and help to give those deeper values a place in your daily life.

The prayers used consist of short Sanskrit mantras and are encased in supportive music. These mantras always refer to you and with the accompanying gestures you make, you support the opening effect of the puja.

Individual guidance MantraPrayers

Online via Zoom: € 60,- for a session of one hour.

Live in Nijmegen or in our Spiritual Centre in Belgium: € 60,- for a session of one hour;

Groups on request contribution based on actual situation.

Individual specialization program MantraPrayers

Program and contribution based on personal situation in consultation.

For additional information and registration please contact Barbara: +31 621881523 or click on contact.


Anandajay about MantraPrayers

MantraPrayers are expressions of spiritual poetry or prayers,

in which you with matching gestures,

your respect for your inner values and your gratitude for your existence


Anandajay says about the principles of this working form: The MantraPrayers released by Anandajay are mantra verses that originate from the need to express gratitude for those values, which you experience as the richness of your existence. Gratitude is one of the most healing emotional values, because it reinforces what you do experience, realize and enjoy.

Gratitude leaves you even more open to what you experience as valuable in your existence and encourages you to express that touch as emotion, stillness, joy, love or joy.

The MantraPrayers provided by Anandajay consist of pieces of music lasting about half an hour, in which short Sanskrit mantras are rhythmically repeated and enveloped with appropriate music. The accompanying gestures support you to be in contact with the sung deeper life values in an energetic and devotional way.

Anandajay has made twelve MantraPrayers (puja's), with which you are invited to shape your respect for your essence and the spiritual value of life as a whole. They help you to come together ever deeper with the feeling of joy for your own existence and that causes you to be the most valuable way of being in prayer.