It brings you to the essence of life

This Peacebreathing course consists of 4 online sessions  during which you can become acquainted with what this form of breathing can do for you. It is a breathing guidance that liberates and connects. You become free of tension and the feeling of being bounded  and you reconnect with the life within you and around you. Breathing ís life. You are not given a breathing technique, but you are invited to let go of all your efforts or methods and let your breathing be your guide.

If give your breath your confidence, she will get the space to expand energetically through all your body cells into your aura. This peaceful flow of energy works respectfully on all blockages, physical, emotional and energetic and connects inside with outside. It makes you feel how lovingly you are embedded in life and this also affects your dealing with others, which automatically becomes more open and relational.

Practical information

Course 2022: on request

Contribution € 30 (3x, trial lesson free).

Location: online via Zoom, the link will be sent before the start of the meeting. For additional information and registration please contact Barbara +31 6 2188 1523 or click on contact.

Individual Peacebreathing at Zoom: € 60,- for a session of one hour.

Individual Peacebreathing live in Nijmegen or in our Spiritual Centre in Belgium € 60,- for a session of one hour.

Group meetings on request


Anandajay about PeaceBreathing

The PeaceBreathing is a respiratory guidance system,

that frees up your entire breathing space in an organic way.

It lets inner peace arise within you

and harmonises your energetic experience via your aura

In the PeaceBreathing all the depths of western breathing therapy and eastern yoga-pranayama have been reduced to one peace giving breath. In the PeaceBreathing you allow your whole existence to be carried by the fundamental movements of the breath, which is always related to the space around you and to everything else that also breathes from the same space. Our breath longs to be free, free to be itself in its movements and free to flow without limits. Let PeaceBreathing bring you to that peaceful freedom.

Everything that gets space, everything that gets freedom, feels loved because it is allowed to exist. A breath flow that is allowed to take place in an open space without limits, will give you the feeling of being loved by life itself.

The exhalation is created by nature in such a way that it brings you all the way back inside and reminds you of a deep feeling of inner peace, while the inhalation gives you everything you need, so that you will feel alive, will be aware and will feel strength and this reminds you of the beauty of existence. Beauty and peace together bring you, through breathing, to the essence of life.

PeaceBreathing is a form of breathing consciousness, which, out of longing for freedom, space and peace, unfolds organically, like the blossoming of a flower (inhalation). The natural peace that can be felt in this way, merges seamlessly with the love of your spiritual heart and has from there, through affection and compassion, an effect on your dealing with others and life as a whole (exhalation).