Sacred dance: dancing from inner happiness

Loving all of yourself

You are light-footedly taken into a sacred dance, in which sounds, music, movement and singing invite you to become more and more sensitive and you are invited to affectionately meet yourself with all you are and experience at that moment: your body, your thinking, your feeling, your chakras, your being, the earth on which you stand. The music and the dance seduce you to stop holding on to any of these and let life flow through and around you, so that you descend very naturally into the contact with the depths within you, your inner self, the most precious feeling in you, which is often forgotten in your daily life. Touched by the sounds, your body starts to move, frees itself from tension and creates space for your most precious feeling to be expressed through you.

Celebrate the flowing life you are

We dance to the Sri Ananda Rasa, a mantra written from the inborn desire in every human being to be whole or one, the desire to reconnect with your origins (Ananda means inner happiness). In the first part of the mantra you first move calmly and meditatively and then fluently and rhythmically on a simple choreography and you are guided in the contact with yourself, your body, the earth and everything you encounter. Just as sunlight brings a flower bud to blossom, so the sounds and movements seduce your body and your inner self to blossom. You slowly open up for life. In the second part, the free dance, you 'move from bud to flower'. Surrounded by your own aura and that of the other dancers, your heart and all the other chakras come to life more and more, giving your inner happiness, the shining of your soul, an embedding to radiate and dance through your body. Sharing this together makes your experience even more round andjoyous and gives you confidence in the possibility to not only dance from this inner connection but to live your daily life in this inspiration as well.

Practical information

Individual SacredDance at Zoom: € 60,- for a session of one hour.

Individual SacredDance live in Nijmegen or in our Spiritual Centre in Belgium € 60,- for a session of one hour; groups on request.

For additional information and registration please contact Barbara: +31 621881523 or click on contact.


Anandajay about SacredDance

SacredDance is a healing dance which connects you with yourself,

and when you dance with others, 

you will share, as individuals as well as together, 

an experience of joyful, spiritual freedom.

Anandajay about the principles of the SacredDance: "The SacredDance of The Light of Being is danced on the Sri Ananda mantra (mantra of spiritual happiness) of Anandajay with the choreography developed by him. This Sri Ananda Rasa dance accompanies you to express the joy you experience inside, through your body and through your aura. Every aspect of this one and a half hour dance connects you with the depth of yourself and all other life around you and allows you to be part of an embracing creation.

The SacredDance is only truly a sacred, healing dance if its movements really take shape from within you. The Sri Ananda Rasa dance invites you to be receptive and sensitive to both your inner presence and to the devotion with which you express your movements. The dance gives you the freedom, from that depth into the space around you, to express your sacred, devotional and spiritual feelings of joy about your existence. By allowing your joy of life to flow through you into fluent movements, you dance to celebrate the joy of life, you become emotionally liberated and learn to live in a more sensitive way.