Affection for your human existence reunite body and soul

Experience your wholeness

As long as you live, your soul lives temporarily in your body. So you are a carrier of your worthy, beautiful inspiration and because you have a body, you are able to experience your soul. Doing yoga postures can give you the opportunity to honor your temporary temple of your soul, your body, through the dedicated doing of postures. In this way yoga gives you a possibility to experience yourself as wholeness. This yoga will guide you to make contact with the beauty of your inner self and with the carrier of your inner self, your body temple.

Dedication to your body

Light of Being-Yoga is a form of yoga in which it is not about the perfection of postures, but in which you are invited to reconnect with yourself, your essence. By attuning to your inner self, you are 'in yoga', in connection with the deeper intentions of your soul, and these intentions will influence the contact with your body. When you feel your inner intentions more clearly, you will feel grateful for the value that is already within you. By feeling this intentional value, you can allow yourself to be guided by this deeper value in dealing with your body and in practicing a posture.

Then your inner self will influence your interactions with your body and make the movements more supple, rather than doing and perfecting the postures. Then there will be room for devotion in the asana, the yoga posture, because if you let go of your outer urge for perfection and descend to the genuineness of your intention, this will naturally bring you ina state of devotion to your body.

Practical information

Individual Meditative Yoga at Zoom: € 60,- for a session of one hour.

Individual Meditative Yoga live in Nijmegen or in our Spiritual Centre in Belgium € 60,- for a session of one hour; groups on request.

For additional information and registration please contact Carina: +32 474 69 42 66 or click on contact.


Anandajay about ShantiYoga

ShantiYoga is a meditative form of body contact,

out of affection for your human existence,

let your body and soul come together in peace and harmony.

Anandajay says about the principles of this work form: "Shanti (peace) is the experience from which Anandajay's yoga originated. She starts by feeling an affective relationship with yourself and your body, before you start 'doing' something with it. This warm-hearted involvement is relevant to be able to enter into a real connection (yoga). Because of this, the process of dealing with a body posture runs in a calm and empathetic way, because with every movement you feel the connection with yourself and the whole.

Every yoga posture you practice in this way becomes, besides creating a greater flow of energy, an opportunity to meet yourself and life more deeply.

The reflections you receive from dealing with your body in this way and the insights you gain as a result, automatically bring about changes in your consciousness. In this way a peaceful openness arises, in which you are open both to your physical experience of the moment and to the timeless background behind those experiences.

The poses used in this meditative form of yoga correspond to the most important phases of development that a child goes through from birth to independent movement and have a healing and liberating effect on both your physical and emotional, mental, affective and spiritual perception.