A transforming journey from warrior to lover

A SoulGuidance trajectory is a direct and very close guidance that extends over a period of 10 months to a maximum of 3 years and is not bound to place. Through daily mail contact, a weekly telephone or live conversation, and a weekly program of text, mantra and puja, you are supported in your longing to discover your real self beyond your conditioned patterns.

The guidance helps you to become freer to go your own way, to make choices that really suit you and that fit your destination.

So it is not a psychological route that you take, but a spiritual process that you enter into. From the surface of your humanity with all its habits, narrowings and fears, you descend to the more essential, loving and light-filled depths of your being.

In the course of the process, these two dimensions, surface and depth, come together more and more and your life can become a life inspired by light and love, rather than an ego-oriented path of the warrior. Your personal SoulGuide walks beside you on a daily basis, attunes to you and helps you translate your inner voice, the voice of your soul. She or he has preceded you on this path and illuminates the path which you are walking together now. She gives subtitles and directions from her own experiences.

SoulGuidance trajectory (intensive form)


Every week you will receive a puja, mantra and a spiritual text that is in line with your development, with which you connect during that week, preferably on a daily basis. This is meant to open you to a deeper dimension in yourself, so that your process gets even more meaning and depth, and in your daily life you become more connected with your inner light and your inner voice.

Daily mail contact

In addition, you send your SoulGuide a concise e-mail every day (which she also answers concisely). The daily contact makes it easier to be alert and wake up (again and again) for your inner experience.

Weekly phone call

Weekly there is a (phone) conversation of half an hour, in which your SoulGuide, as a follow-up to the mail contact, gives you the support and reflections appropriate at that moment.

Duration: the program lasts minimal ten months and maximal three years and you can start during the whole year.

Contribution: € 1850 for a duration of 10 months, or € 185 each month.

SoulGuidance trajectory (lighter form)

The trajectory is lighter in the sense that a less intense program of puja, mantra and text is offered, and the phone call or live conversation takes place on a bi-weekly instead of a weekly basis. There is daily mail contact.

Contribution: € 1350 for a duration of 10 months, or € 135 each month.

There are several teachers in the Netherlands and Belgium who offer this form of guidance.

Individual specialization program SoulGuidance

Program and contribution based on personal situation (in consultation).

For more information, you can contact Barbara van der Hoeven:

06-218815 23 or click on contact.


Anandajay over SoulGuidance

SoulGuidance is individually tailored,

spiritual development,

that corresponds to your wish

to learn to live more in harmony with your inspiration.

The SoulGuidance is a form of spiritual guidance that unfolds from a relational involvement and where respect for your individuality and independence is paramount. Such a loving embedding is necessary to allow you to be the first inner being to emerge as a stable ground. Feeling the connection with your foundation together and discovering together what you need in terms of clarity will give you more clarity about which life movements are relevant to bring your actions in line with your inner experience.

The SoulGuidance invites you to feel where you are right now in your life and how that relates to your sense of destiny. This opens you to your inner compass, the only thing that can give your life the right direction. 

This form of guidance wishes to serve you in your deepest desires, so that you can freely be the flower that you are.

SoulGuidance gives you the opportunity to learn to feel and understand essential or temporary life issues from the spiritual dimension. She discusses how, through mail contact, personal conversations and the depth of texts, pujas and mantras, you can undergo an intensive and intimate process, or accompany, as a guided kind of pilgrimage. After all, you make such an internalizing journey in order to enter into a different kind of relationship with yourself and gain that inspiration, which gives your way of life more content and depth.