English Mantras part 1

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1. I Am within the Light of Being (39min.28sec)
2. I’m Longing to Be (39min.41sec)






The mantra I am (within the Light of Being) affirms your openness for the essential and luminous base of your exalted existence. This mantra offers a tantric healing, a healing of separateness. The devotional song I am longing connects you with the spiritual and natural yearning to be together with your innermost being, your Essence. This mantra offers an affectionate healing.

1. I Am
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3. I’m Longing to be
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2. I Am
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4. I’m Longing to be
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I Am (within the Light of Being) mantra

Offers a tantric healing

The value of this mantra:

  • Offers you comfort, recognition and affirmation.

  • Helps you to connect with the world.

  • Helps you to feel embraced.

  • Helps you to have trust in yourself.

  • Helps you to connect to your inner being and presence.

  • Helps you to be open to life and let it in.

  • Helps you to be moved to and fro by the love of life force.

I’m Longing to be mantra

Offers an affectionate healing

The value of this mantra:

  • Helps you to pray and ask.

  • Helps you to ask the all embracing Essence for help and liberation.

  • Helps you to express your longing for wholeness and enlightenment.

  • Helps you to experience your yearning as a gentle guide.

  • Helps you to let go of struggle and convert it to a wish for inspiration and openness.

  • Helps you to open yourself and listen to your relationship with the all embracing Essence.