English Mantras part 2

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1. Being mantra (40min.07sec)
2. Hymn of Gratefulness (39min.33sec)






The meditation mantra: Being Here, Being Now, Being Aware Of Inner Ground expresses that only in the Here and Now you are aware of innermost truth and value. This awareness gives so much stability in the vivacious and changing nature of life that you experience it as your inner stability and true foundation of your existence. As with most mantras, the Being mantra refers to the most important energies of human experience, in Hindu terms the Mahadevata or great Gods: Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma and Krishna. Vishnu stands for continuous existence, which brings you into the everlasting ‘Here’ (being here). Shiva symbolizes continuous transformation, which brings you into the everlasting ‘Now’ (being now). Brahma expresses the continuous presence in you, which brings you into an everlasting ‘Being’ (being aware). Lastly, Krishnu stands for the deep, continuous longing for the all-attractive Essence of life, which brings you into the everlasting source or origin of ‘Love’ (Inner ground).

The Hymn of Gratefulness helps you to connect with the value and gratefulness of all that you are. Gratefulness arises from inner wealth, and it is the simplest quality of life to foster a loving and joyful state of being in your life and your life's unfolding.

1. Being mantra
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3. Hymn of Gratefulness
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2. Being mantra
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4. Hymn of Gratefulness
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Being mantra

Offers a meditative healing

The value of this mantra:

  • Helps you to ben in the Here and Now and to nurture your presence.

  • Helps you to connect with reality and truth.

  • Supports love for your existence.

  • Helps you to celebrate life.

  • Helps you to connect your meditative state with your humanity.

Hymn of Gratefulness

Offers an enriching healing

The value of this mantra:

  • Helps you to be grateful and experience reverence.

  • Helps you to meet everything there is of inherent value.

  • Helps you to be forgiving.

  • Helps you to reflect.

  • Helps you to affirm yourself.