English Mantras part 3

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1. Darshan mantra (57min.44sec)
2. Darshan mantra special edition (21min.04sec)






The Darshan mantra is an English meditative mantra that can be used for meditation. Anandajay uses the mantra during Darshan. In Darshan you experience and receive the energy of Being, as Anandajay calls it, or, as he experiences it, The Light of Being. Being together in that openess is a form of spiritual intimacy, that people rarely experience in themselves or in their relationships with others.

1. Darshan mantra
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2. Darshan mantra
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Darshan mantra

Offers a harmonizing healing

The value of this mantra:

  • Helps you to experience yourself as valuable and full of love.

  • Helps you to allow blessings.

  • Helps you to learn to receive and be enriched.

  • Helps you to be willing.

  • Helps you to experience yourself more gently.

  • Helps you to allow the sweetness of relation and to trust.


Out of my heart, I cover you with love.

Out of compassion, I bow for you, deep.

From the bottom of my being, 

I show you my essence.

Oh my sweet soul, oh my sweet soul.

To soften your fears, and the body they hide in.

To melt your resistance, and the fighting you do.

To awake to yourself, and the truth we both live in.

Oh my sweet soul, oh my sweet soul.