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1. Gayatri mantra (71min.16sec)






The Gayatri mantra honours ‘Light’ as the most important spiritual value, that surrounds you, shines on you, nourishes you, unburdens you and offers you more freedom, so you can once again live from open awareness. The free translation and intention of this mantra is: “Oh my innermost Essence, from pure devotion and thankfulness I open myself to your brilliant and illuminating radiance, which has created me and filled me with holy presence, so it may enlighten my whole being.”

1. Gayatri
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3. Gayatri
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2. Gayatri
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4. Gayatri
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Gayatri mantra

Offers a healing through cosmic light

The value of this mantra:

  • Affirms the longing for spiritual enlightenment.

  • Affirms the longing for light into your essence and from within.

  • Affirms the longing for the integration of the soul in your humanity.

  • Lets incriminating thoughts vanish in the light.

  • Brings thoughts back to their origin.

  • Lets you arise from the material.

  • Frees you from habit.


om bhur bhuvah svah

tat savitur varenyam

bhargo devasya dhimahi

dhiyo yonah prachodayat

Eind mantra

mitraya, ravaye, suryaya, shanti om

bhanave, khagaya, pushne, shanti om

hiranyagarbaya, marichaye, adityaya, shanti om

savitre, arkaya, baskarya, shanti shanti om