Meditation part 2: Dhyana Puja & Raga

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1. Dhyana puja (34min.04sec)
2. Dhyana raga (30min.12 min)






The Dhyana puja & raga express core values of the Light of Being-Meditation. In the puja, the four phases of meditation are brought back to sounds and gestures, which can facilitate and deepen the direct contact with the core values of meditation, such as freedom, support and security. In the Dhyana raga you connect with core values such as calmness, affection, being here and oneness through sound and emotional movement and in this way supports the depth experience of your meditation.

1. Dhyana puja
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3. Dhyana raga
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5. Dhyana raga
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2. Dhyana raga
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4. Dhyana raga
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Dhyana puja

For healing your wholeness

The value of this mantra:

  • Calms your mind

  • Expands your awareness

  • Opens your heart

  • Helps you turn inwards

  • Softens your pelvis

  • Helps you to incarnate

  • Brings you into balance as a whole

Dhyana raga

For healing your consciousness

The value of this mantra:

  • Brings you in touch with your deepest ground

  • Connect to the earth and your humanity

  • Opens your consciousness

  • Gives you spatiality

  • Relieves your tendency to control

  • Speaks to your heart and soul

  • Harmonizes all your energies