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1. Sat-Ananda recitation (39min.42sec)
2. Sat-Ananda song (19min.28sec)
3. Sat-Ananda chanting (19min.34sec)






The deepest background to Anandajay's Teachings is the value and wisdom of ‘the light of being’. Anandajay has expressed the experience of 'the light of being' in mantras before, but he wanted to express its essential qualities more clearly and he therefore composed the Sat-Ananda Mantra.

The Sat-Ananda mantra has been kept very simple because of its essence. At the base, you here gentle sounds of cellos and violins, to dignify the emotional value of this mantra. This is complemented by a simple Indian drum (pakawaj), which symbolizes the earth and physical humanity. Finally, being human gives us the ability to experience the content of Being. Later in the mantra, the drum is briefly complemented by the ringing sound of an Indian hand cymbal (manjeera), for even more mental openness. Against the background of these calm sounds you hear the direct chanting of Anandajay, which is the most important 'instrument' in this mantra. A mantra, that wishes to deepen your contact with the light of your own Being.

Free translation of the mantra: "When the light of the soul shines (freely), you receive a blessing from your innermost being, from which the brilliant essential illuminates everything in your life with joy. Then you know, that is Being, the source of true happiness."

1. Sat-Ananda recitation
00:00 / 01:30
3. Sat-Ananda chanting
00:00 / 02:01
2. Sat-Ananda song
00:00 / 02:30

Sat-Ananda Mantra

Gives you an essence-expanding healing

The value of this mantra:

  • Empowers your desire for authenticity

  • Heals inner alienation

  • Softens the contact with your soul

  • Opens you to the connection with the greater

  • Helps you to be loving in relationship

  • Calms your heart

  • Helps you let go of tenacity

  • Harmonizes your crown chakra and identity chakra

  • It brings you back into connection with your essence

  • Helps you get rid of side issues

  • Restores alienation

  • Gives you comfort in contact with yourself

  • Frees and harmonizes your breath

The "chanting version" adds to this:

  • Helps love flow again

  • Frees your desire for togetherness

The "song version" adds to that:

  • Gives you more compassion towards yourself

  • Breaks through persistence and frees you from inauthenticity