Shantisandesa: Messages of Peace

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1. Hirdaya mantra (39min.49sec)
2. Sarvashanti mantra (39min.50sec)






The Hirdaya mantra is an ode to your heart, the living spring of blessed and joyful love in you. The Sarvashanti mantra sings to the encompassing peace, in you and that you wish for everyone. The free translation of these mantras are: Hirdaya anandajaya: “Oh my heart, living spring of blessed and joyful love, I long for you and I love you, and celebrate your existence and divine truth.” Sarvashanti Bhavatu: “I feel all-embracing peace, I am all-embracing peace and I wish all-embracing peace to all.”

1. Hirdaya
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3. Sarvashanti
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2. Hirdaya
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4. Sarvashanti
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Hirdaya mantra

Offers a healing through love

The value of this mantra:

  • Helps you to fall in love with your heart.

  • Helps you to express heart energy.

  • Helps you to be vulnerable.

  • Helps you to embrace love as the greatest inspiration in your life's unfolding.

  • Helps you to embrace your heart and to be embraced by your heart.

Sarvashanti mantra

Offers a healing through the value of friendship

The value of this mantra:

  • Gives attention to your longing for inner peace and earth peace.

  • Helps in to develop and express compassion.

  • Strengthen your involvement to all living things.

  • Offers joy and openness for intimacy.

  • Gives social harmony.

  • Is a hymn to the earliest spiritual yearning of every living being.

  • Helps you to become more intimate with the joy of peace.

  • Helps you to free yourself from a bounded situation.

  • It instills loving-kindness.

  • It invites you and helps you to come out of your shell, to be who you are.