Soul Resonance: Music for Meditation part 1

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1. Dhyana raga (67min.40sec)






The Dhyana raga is a musical interpretation of the Light of Being-Meditation. The sounds of the musical instruments and Anandajay's voice invite you to go deeper into the spheres of the meditation. The sounds and the natural vibrations of the sound currents arising from meditation, take you through the experiential worlds of successively: the peace of your consciousness (phase 1), the awakening of your heart (phase 2), the radiance of your humanity (phase 3) and the togetherness with the wholeness of creation (phase 4).

The name Soul Resonance indicates that the sounds and vibrations of these ragas touch and resonate values of the soul, so that you can more easily be with them and feel them. The soul is an obscure thing to many because it is not tangibly identifiable. Allowing vibration, intention and a refined open awareness, help you to open to the depth of its feeling radiance, so that its values become more easily recognizable and experienceable to you. The ragas of this Soul Resonance series are therefore also excellent for use as deep music meditations. The Dhyana raga brings you into the meditative consciousness of oneness, the Shanti raga brings you into the meditative state of wholeness and the Ananda raga gives you a meditation that brings you home to the essence of joy. You can hear hem sitting or lying down, so that they can freely convey their content and effect to you.

1. Dhyana raga
00:00 / 01:30
3. Dhyana raga
00:00 / 01:30
2. Dhyana raga
00:00 / 01:42
4. Dhyana raga
00:00 / 01:31

Dhyana raga

Offers a soothing healing that helps you to be in peace

The value of this raga:

  • Brings you in touch with your deepest ground.

  • Connects you to the earth and your humanity.

  • Opens your consciousness.

  • Gives you spaciousness.

  • Relieves your tendency to control.

  • Speaks to your heart and soul.

  • Harmonizes all your energies.


is the openness

for the essence

that calls you.