Soul Resonance: Music for Meditation part 2

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1. Ananda raga (66min.14sec)






The Ananda Raga is a musical work designed to make you more deeply receptive to the blessed value of happiness, which is carried in life as a whole. The Sanskrit word Ananda means inner happiness and blessing and the word Sri indicates that this value deserves respect and carries with it a dignity and luminous quality.

The Sri Ananda raga consists of music based on tanpura in the sound tone C, with which it begins. The sounds and overtones of the tanpura symbolize the ever sparkling and flowing life in which you are present as a human being and in which the singing with all its movements is now taking place. You are not always aware of this sparkling background, but everything you experience takes place in the embedding of your aliveness. It is this embedding, which you also start to feel in yourself when you allow the mantra receptively and let yourself be influenced, healed and enriched by it, in short when you allow yourself to be blessed by it.

To the sounds of the tanpura then come the grounding sounds of the Indian surbahar (bass-sitar), as Anandajay's voice passes sequentially through various phases of internalization, awakening, liveliness, freedom and happiness. The surbahar gives deep, low tones and is used for the meditative ground of the raga. As with singing, it is best just to let all these tones influence you without trying to find a particular rhythm. Because precisely your deeper emotional layers, which include your spiritual feelings, are less often addressed in functional life and therefore quickly clog up, these kinds of tones help you to become sensitive again in these areas. In this way you come closer to the value of being there, of your existence, of your inspiration and its spiritual wealth.

1. Ananda raga
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3. Ananda raga
00:00 / 01:30
2. Ananda raga
00:00 / 01:30

Sri Ananda raga

Offers a soothing healing 

that brings your consciousness in order

The value of this raga:

  • Harmonizes your emotions.

  • Frees the child in you.

  • Reconnects you to your original joy.

  • Relaxes and cleanses your aura.

  • Promotes surrender.

  • Promotes energetic flow in your spine.

  • Opens your heart and allows love to flow from your heart

  • Cleanses your throat chakra.

The love that you are,

you experience through a deep openness 

and receptivity

to your Self.