Soul Resonance: Music for Meditation part 3

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1. Shanti raga (66min.00sec)






The shanti raga expresses the wish for peace to everything there is. This wish is deeply rooted and profound, and comes in many forms and with a deep commitment. Anandajay has offers this message of peace in his teachings and with this musical peace he wanted to offer a way to connect with this deeply felt longing to offer peace to the world.

Listening to this raga, anyone who wishes to can give room to his or her heartfelt feelings of involvement with the earth, with creation and the depth of that creation, and experience them in all their aspects. When you feel this emotional energy deeply within yourself, you give this energy the freedom and it can, through your giving gesture, find its way into the world in a truly pacifist way. Each time you allow the sounds to touch you, it simultaneously supports your openness for your essence, the ultimate source of loving peace.

The mantras of this raga are used both in the traditional way as well as expanded by Anandajay to offer an even greater range and sense of what you wish to give peace, flourishing space, beneficence and joyful-making freedom (Mangalam) to. The 27 values of this mantra indicate how wide and far-reaching the area is to which we want to give peace. They are chanted at the beginning of this raga, with the sound of the sea in the background. Allow these gentle chants, to enter fluidly into your consciousness, sensitivity and heart, so that you may fully take part in all the peace offerings that this raga interprets for you.

1. Shanti raga
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3. Shanti raga
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2. Shanti raga
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Shanti raga

Offers a soothing healing 

that clears your deepest intentions

The value of this raga:

  • Cleanses your heart and emotions.

  • Brightens your brain.

  • Promotes purity and naturalness.

  • Opens your manomaya kosha.

  • Promotes freedom and authenticity.

  • Frees your heart.

  • Brings karma into freedom.


is the result of being in contact with the here and now,

with your presence here on earth,

with the creation that you are,

with the body you live in,

with the life force that you experience,

with the soul that you carry within you,

with the essence that emanates from it.