Surya & Cittayam Puja

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1. Surya puja (32min.54sec)
2. Cittayam puja (33min.04sec)






The Surya puja is a prayer to the reflections of the Inner Sun, the soul, and offers an energetic healing to incarnate more fully. It honors the twelve values or qualities of the soul: “Oh dear soul, inner sun, I honor you as my true friend, center and inner fire. You give me true sight, true freedom and true nourishment. Oh dear soul, inner sun, you are my pristine purity, innate health and essential light. You give me my true spiritual belonging, radiant essence, and glimpse of the underlying creator.”

The Cittayam puja is a prayer to the enjoyable richness of the soul and offers an energetic healing to find peace. Freely translated the mantra Atman Cittayam, Cittayam Anandam means: For humanity, having a soul leads to consciousness, and through consciousness we experience the blissful nature of the soul (chittayam).

1. Surya Puja
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3. Cittayam Puja
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2. Surya Puja
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4. Cittayam Puja
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Surya puja: Prayer

to the Reflections of the Inner Sun

Offers an energetic that helps you to incarnate

The value of this puja:

  • Increases your awareness of your soul.

  • Opens your connection to the great collective soul (Atman).

  • Gives you space to show your longing for connectedness.

  • Affirms your inner values.

  • Nourishes your spiritual awareness and richness.

  • Opens you to live from love.

Cittayam puja: Prayer 

to the Enjoyable Richness of the Soul

Offers an energetic healing

that helps you to find peace

The value of this puja:

  • Helps you to accept your humanity more completely.

  • Calms your mind and gives a peaceful feeling.

  • Teaches you to love your consciousness and brain.

  • Gives intrinsic value.

  • Lets you experience your life as a gift.

  • Lets love and strength come together.

  • Softens the fear for life and supports your openness to life.

  • Helps to open yourself more deeply to your soul.