Trishna vanto Krishna part 1

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1. Om Namo Bhagavate mantra (36min.28sec)
2. Govinda mantra (40min.00sec)






Trishna vanto Krishna means ‘Thirst for Krishna’. Anandajay: “Krishna symbolizes deep spiritual attractiveness. How else would we find the strength to go beyond our habits and sensory orientation, into the depth of our soul, of our Self? The Essence of life attracts us with energies of spiritual peace, love, joy and happiness, attracting everyone and everything, calling all souls to itself to find their way home.”

When we sing or listen to mantras that voice Krishna energy, we sing about this loving, joyous, playful energy of true happiness and inner peace, which everyone longs for. The Om Namo Bhagavate mantra praises the Essentiality that is present in all life and therefore also in you, as your soul. The Govinda Mantra praises the Essentiality of life, which bestows joy, sustenance, protection and closeness to all souls. Both mantras have a wholesome effect when in need of sustenance and security.

1. Om Baghevate
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3. Govinda mantra
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2. Om Baghevate
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4. Govinda mantra
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Om Namo Bhagavate mantra

Offers a devotional healing of anxiety

The value of this mantra:

  • Takes away fear.

  • Makes you again feel part of the whole.

  • Gives you comfort.

  • Opens your heart.

  • Releases tension in your overall state of being.

  • Brings you into relationship again.

Govinda mantra

Offers a devotional healing of loneliness

The value of this mantra:

  • Has an embracing effect.

  • Offers reassurance.

  • Soothes the heart.

  • Relaxes the brain.

  • Soothes your convictions.

  • Lets you surrender.