A Spiritual Art of Liberation

Awakening to the inner values of your existence

The liberating power of insight (Jnana in Sanskrit) forms the basis of all developmental processes within The Light of Being. Anandajay sees insight as a spiritual light that has a liberating effect on all the images, ideas, and beliefs that people hold on to. Especially when they hold on to them out of uncertainty, because then these are the very things that also keep them away from the real splendour of existence. When this light awakens, the areas of your consciousness that have been left in darkness, will awake and open up. In this openminded receptiveness you will automatically come into contact with the self-knowledge that exists within all of us, a value that is inherent to your true self and essence. True, spiritual, insight frees you from your unconscious and unclear habits and brings you into contact with your elementary essence. Through everything that you notice and realise on this path, your own individual developmental or life process will be formed.

The insights offered by The Light of Being touch the essence of your being, which open your heart and connect you with the most essential values of your existence. They serve your human and spiritual development, so that you get in touch with the inner values that make your life meaningful, joyfull and valuable.

True Insight and its flowering of love

Anandajay will guide you to open yourself to those qualities of life that you do not yet know or are not yet familiar with. Although you long for them, you cannot live accordingly because you are not yet attuned with their energy. The source from which he relates to you is so sincere, sensitive and free of judgment that it will make you feel truly recognised and let you easily enjoy his further empathic guidance.

The best way to experience the value of this spiritual insight is when you feel your humanity in its completeness. There you also will experience your essential presence and because of your closeness to the essence of yourself and life, you automatically feel grateful, peaceful and happy. The awakening to these deeper dimensions of yourself always occurs through insight, and the enlightening freedom that you regain makes you more loving towards yourself, to others, and to life as a whole. This gentle and encompassing feeling of affection forms the emotional openness in which that what you have become aware of through your insights gets the freedom to unfold and to come true in your actual way of life.

An open attitude for true change and happiness

The insights Anandajay shares with people, are always connected with affection, because insight that remains purely intellectual, doesn’t reach into your spiritual domain. Also you will not experience happiness through insight, but rather through the freedom of emotions that results from it. Combined with the affection or love that you feel for life, others and yourself,  your development becomes spiritual and allows you to again experience the essence of your humanity and your life as a source of happiness and deeper values.

The value of affection is also important for your human development, because when you feel loved it is way easier to develop your human qualities. After all, many people already know for years what they would like to change, but in the light of their insight they view themselves negatively because they do not feel sufficiently loved and therefore do not transition into this other, spiritual sphere of life. Insight is necessary to awaken from narrowmindedness and convictions, but without love or affection it doesn’t change your way of living. When insight leads you to this source of affection and love, it is an inner spiritual movement which leads to a true change that increases the quality and depth of your life and makes you permanently happier.

The Light of Being

By combining the terms affection and insight, Anandajay indicates that insight precedes the experiencing of affection. Affection occurs when, through all the insights that one gains, so many barriers vanish that you can see and experience life in its true fullness and that you feel deep love for its greatness and beauty. The term insight illuminates that you are within that what you see or are aware of. You no longer then observe it intellectually from a distance, but you have become centered and fully present in the truth that you previously only watched. To be present in this way means that you experience directly the value that exists there.

When you experience these values, affection for the existence of life, for creation and for oneself as a conscious being, arises automatically. The affection and love for this is so fulfilling because it is the most significant feeling that you can experience within yourself. You then recognise within yourself the same depths, beauty and spiritual value that exist in the creation around you. Insight (wisdom), affection (love) and wholeness (security) turn out to be important and deeply supporting, spiritual values, which you always will experience (spiritual awareness) when you give full freedom to what you essentially are (Light of Being).