A Spiritual Art of Fulfillment

Meeting your true nature and let it influence you

Anandajay describes meditation as a timeless feeling in which you receive the wealth of being blessed. Blessed, because during that period the light of exitance will prevail through all circumstances. Gradually your soul will light up, your heart will shine, your nature will show up again and the truth of your exitance feels celebrated  All this glowing and shining experiences express merely the glory of life because you allow the essence of life itself to completely enter your human presence and become true. You allow it to become manifest in your existence. When the glory of life, which is vibrant in mankind, is given space and freedom to become real and true, to take on form and shape, the spiritual sun breaks through the clouds of your unconsciousness. You then realize that you as a human being are per definition the reason that life itself, can, will and is allowed to manifest itself.

Life does not oblige you to participate in this glory, because you could also allow yourself to be controlled by the strivings of the ego. However, if you wish to meet the mystery of life and are ready to let it become real within your human and physical existence, then this mystery will become your truth and show you directly that love is your true beautiful nature.

Loving gratitude

Your willingness to allow the essence of life to influence you, gives this essence the possibility to define itself as a concrete and experiencable blessing. In this way the essence is given the opportunity to share its beneficial value with humanity, the world and the earth. Then enlightenment, the blessing of light, is a consequence of charity born out of deep gratitude for creation and its initiator.

As a human being, you have the deep and extraordinary freedom to humbly accept the essence and allow it to manifests itself within you. You, as a conscious lifeform, have the possibility of experiencing this clear, gentle and pure quality and allowing it to become a blessed reality of yourself. Through this spiritual accepting you bring this quality into the world you live in. Whenever you allow this, and consciously feel that you are part of this valuable truth, you will realize that you wish nothing more than to submit, thank and shine.

This experience is so touching, that you will instantly become thankful for the happiness that this fulfilment will unconditionally gives you.

Spiritual Freedom

Spirituality really has nothing to do with difficult goals, complicated accomplishments or special achievements. Spirituality is simply the invitation to participate in the wealth of freedom, existence, God, nature and essence that life offers us, so that qualities will become real within you. By admitting this, you simply let go your habit to identifying yourself with everything and hold on to that. Only through open up and be influenced by that which is more than where you are used to hold om to, you open the door to the quality of the essence that is underlying at yourself and all existence and is always and eternally present within you.

Heart Energy

Your willingness to allow the essence to be true within you in order that the world throuhg your way of living can again be blessed with it, is a gesture of sympathy and awareness of the depth of interaction. Awareness of life as a place of constant exchange, so that you are aware of your fellow humans, the earth, creation and the essence in this creation, leads to a huge change in the perception of yourself and the world, because the heart energy gains an immense freedom out of it.

When the heart chakra has more freedom, you are no longer afraid to merge with someone or something else emotionally and energetically. This makes you aware that it is only when you have the courage to lose your identity that a deeper quality of life can be experienced bringing you into deeper contact with life and with your true self. When you are prepared to not always identify yourself with something, you will experience a deeper level in your presence and find that calmness, stability and love will be present in the middle of all the changes that occur.

Longing for togetherness

This deeper level, this door to being, is utterly supporting, and this support connects us instead of separating us. It is your desire for togetherness that has led you to this deeper kind of relationship with other things, other persons, with God, with the essence or whatever you call this deeper value of life. Establishing such a deep relationship is the essence of meditation, even if many people still might have the idea that meditation requires personal separation and refraining from all relationships.

From living in a cocoon to the celebration of relationship

The Light of Being-Meditation does not intent to let you withdraw from any kind of relationship to seek some kind of protection in the narrow domain of your ego, but invites you to open up this shallow area. Meditation invites you to make use of your freedom to enter into the affective relationship with yourself as the center of all you experience, as well with all the people and circumstances that occur organically during your life.

Meditation always starts with exploring the relationship with oneself as the one who actually experiences everything. Meditation helps you to become sensitively caring for the special, spiritual meeting of you essence with your humanity. In meditation you sense yourself, you open yourself to what is essential within you and by that you open the door to meet the values that exist and belong there. Your willingness to meditate, to open this door, to enter this ‘gateway to heaven on earth’ is already a fantastic move, because it immediately gives you the feeling of being more in contact with that which is essential.

Longing for a vibrant relationship with your Essence

By really opening yourself to the substance that flows into you out of the gateway that has been opened trough meditation, you come into contact with the origin of everything and experience the love of wholeness which also belongs to this depth in you. Meditation is not about having special experiences while being enclosed in your own cocoon. Meditation is a longing to again be in a vibrant and emotional relationship with the substance of your essence, in order to be able to let your human experiences get blend with the essential substance of your existence. If you internally allow this blending, this spiritual meeting or relationship, you will automatically let go of everything that you have held on to, and you will also automatically find the essential truth that instantly clears up the reason for your existence you for so long have been longing for.

Your relationship with the love of creation

When you enter meditation as an open relationship, you do not shut yourself off from anything and you do not withdraw into isolation, but you will glide into an ocean of essence and authenticity. You then enter into a relationship with the energy of love that permeates all creation and is both the value and the origin of all. Only the depth of such a relationship deeply confirms that, as part of the whole, you are equal to the whole, which is the energy of pure love, essence and essentiality. Meditating then means that you wish to enter into this relationship and making the love that you and life essentially are, come together in the human actuality of yourself. Meditating means the you open yourself for these fulfilling blessings, so it can fullfill you and through your way of living reaches  the whole world in some way or the other.

May I therefore invite you to enter into a relationship with what you experience as the most essential in yourself? May I invite you to be ready to merge yourself with what the fullness of this experienceable essence wishes to bless you with? May I invite you to let this fulfilling quality become perceptible, true and tangible in every cell of your human existence? And may I invite you to live in contact with everything that exists and let that be merged with the substance and value of the essence you discovered in your depth through meditation?

The love of Being

Once you have opened up yourself to the substance of what is essential within you, you also will open up to the essence in everything you meet and will find that essence is always present in the depth of everything. Then you will experience that all belongs to the same wholeness as you do.

May I invite you to participate in what you have so deeply longed for, for the freedom to let the essence of vibrant life flow over the fields of your human existence? If so, then thank you, thank you, thank you, also in the name of creation, the earth and the world, in the name of all your fellow human beings and in the name of the essence of everything. Thank you for recognizing and accepting your potential, contribution and destiny. Thank you for sharing the elementary human desire to be a free spirit and to love participating in being together with your most essential value: the love of being.