A Spiritual Art of Togetherness

Energetic consciousness and relationship processes

Anandajay’s approach to tantra brings your spiritual essence into all your relationship processes. Anandajay experiences tantra as a facility to weave personal inner peace with the freedom of interpersonal exchange, to weave the essence of your being with the perception of intimacy. He believes that Tantra is not just a sexual orientated form of spirituality, but rather an invitation to get sensitively in touch with the deeper values of your essence, with the essence of others and with the essence of all your interactions and the values of the whole. Through this way, tantra helps you to find peace and a feeling of unity. Tantra invites you to adopt everything, also what at first feels imperfect, so that you bring your experiences beyond the duality of your likes and dislikes. This will make you sensitively aware of the sacred wholeness of your spiritual relationship with life as a whole as with every part of it.

Energetic sensitivity

Through the Light of Being-Tantra, the most important energy sources (chakra’s) of your human existence will be thoroughly explored, whereby the emphasis is always at first placed on making contact with your energy field (aura). The awareness of all these energetic truths in combination with your individuality form your space of existence from where you enter into a relationship with someone or a situation. You then no longer need to try to appear kind, because out of these energetic openness the energy of your sexuality will also become free which automatically will make your manners sensitive, relationship orientated and caring.

This creates a huge area to deeply feel the exchange and contact with others and every aspect of life. Due to this energetic feeling your ego also is calm and supportive. Coming together with someone else or aspects of life become more important than your own interests, and in this way there arise no traces of subtle or oppressive violence, but you gratefully use the energetic expanse, which the energy of the chakras (important spiritual resonances or centres of life energy) and koshas (energetic dimensions around the soul) provide you with.

Be what you are

Light of Being-Tantra invites you to open yourself for another person or situation, as well to let yourself to be filled with the energy (light) of being. You then, calm and fully present, meet that person or situation while permitting the energy of being to influence you completely, so that all your cells can be infused or touched by it. You will then experience the values of this spiritual meeting, in which your existence, individuality, sexuality and the beauty of all your energies  deepen any relationship. In this way, this form of tantra invites you to awaken to the expanse of being, as the carrier for open and peaceful relationships. When you are open for the energy of being as well as for the energy of what you sensitively meet, you, as a part of a larger whole, can experience mutual harmony with everything while peacefully radiate what you are.

Spiritual togetherness

Light of Being-Tantra has arisen from Anandajay’s longing for a spiritual togetherness or oneness that encompasses everything, and this cannot be created by focusing on certain elements in the hope that these will bring depth. A spiritually oriented art of meeting or relationship requires a broader and deeper, energetic receptivity, through which underlying truths of your individuality, sexuality and your handling of relationships can be revealed. This more significant and essential quality of life can then become your sensual as well relational antenna. During the process of exploring this kind of tantra the philosophical embedding and the deeper background of someone’s personal inner attitude are emphasized and implemented.

Tantra, the consciously dealing with your energetic presence and your spiritual longings, is a search for how the wealth of experiencing your human energy en sensuality can go hand in hand with the more essential values of your existence.


Everyone lives their own way, and how your life appears is an expression of your ‘state of being’. Every form of expression of your life, including what you experience in a relationship with another person or situation, is a mirror of whether you allow everything that you are as well as your deepest being to go along with all you meet. However, you cannot change this mirror by painting on it yourself, but you can use it in order to become aware of your own reality, to learn from it and let that infuse your further development.

The mirror of how you deal with what your energetic experience shows you about your way of relating to everything gives you a sincere reflection of whether you live in wholeness or division on all possible levels. This mirror is not there to disturb you, but to help you to return you to true and free self. Through tantra, every sensitive meeting, every relationship and each experience of intimacy tells you how free you are at that moment. It shows you where your energetic consciousness occurs to be left dark, so you can allow light to enter these areas and to again become also here free and joyous.

From Divider to Healer

When you open yourself in this way and energetically sense how you are in this moment,  you receive a constant flow of tantric healing. Healing can never be the result of effort, but will always come to you as the consequence of complete acceptance and approval, and a conscious sensing of yourself as a whole. Ultimately, tantra is spiritual invitation to not further divide anything, but to experience what sincere respect for yourself as a whole provokes in you. This willingness is a gesture of love. Tantra accompanies you on the path from the habit of being a divider to experience the quality of a healer, for tantra is meant as an expression of togetherness, of coming together, becoming in harmony and unity with everything there is and the wish to be part of that wholeness.

Tantric Relationships

You probably live with the intention to work on yourself to become a better person. This is all very well in itself, but it also implies a constant rejection of that which you are at this moment. It also confirms that your belief that you could change the nature of who you are with willpower and this  willpower makes you believe in the judgmental and dividing power of your ego. In addition to these common habits of separating, distinguising and dividing, there is another, more healing oriented movement called relating or sensitive mutual exchange.

Relationships arise through the desire to make contact with one another, to be together rather than alone, and to be mutually and equally in contact, connection and exchange with another. Relationships drive life forward, maintain and extend it, and confer a particular shine, beauty and richness on our existence. However, hardly anyone is raised with the advice and suitable sensitivity to enter into a spiritual level of relationship with himself, others and every life situation. This is the reason why tantra is often grasped by the ego and reduced to the search for exceptional sexual unity. However, tantra mere enables you to allow all the energies within you to work freely together while meeting anyone or anything and thus experience the woven joining of the being energy and the energy of the meted reality as well from yourself as from the aspect or peron you meet. The tantric invitation to fully and deeply relate is a open reached hand to come together with another person or situation and merge yourself to something completely different and new encounter. In this sensitive, energetic and receptive art of meeting all the exceptional energies that are given to us, including the superb energy of our sexuality and individuality have come together to peacefully serve the experiential dept  of all your relationships and meetings.