A Spiritual Art of Living

Body awareness and incarnation processes

Anandajay teaches this approach to yoga as an intensive program of self-development. Your spiritual essence is brought forward through the bodily awareness and the incarnation processes you are going through by using and sensing your body. Anandajay teaches yoga as a value that has a direct and profound impact on a person's lifestyle. Therefore to him, yoga is not a mere physical exercise or discipline, but an invitation to get in touch with the deeper values of your own existence and the existence itself through a meditative and delicate way of sensing the relationship with different layers of your body. In this way, your yoga experiences form the way you live through the connection with your inner value of being. Light of Being-Yoga is a sensitive, reflective and relationship-oriented way to come into close contact with yourself and the spiritual values you treasure inside.

In the following explanations, Anandajay highlights some key points concerning what is meant by The Light of Being-Yoga, and how this invitation to explore your human existence unfolds its full value as a spiritual art of living.

Start with being in yoga

The Light of Being-Yoga goes in great detail into the twelve basic natural postures of your body, whereby the first emphasis is always directed  a connection with a internal feeling of harmony, before going into a specific pose. You then do not have to pay attention to whether the movements are fluent, because when you are connected with a feeling of harmony, a feeling of equilibrium, the experience of yoga, every movement becomes sensitive, graceful and light of its own accord, so that there is plenty of room to sense deeply. You also do not need to control your breathing, because when you are in this feeling of yoga, your breathing becomes automatically calm and flowing. You also do not need to limit the movements of the pose, because the connection with harm ony, with  yoga, will not allow you to use force, but let you gratefully enter only those spaces of your body that are peacefully available to you.

Being and the existential truth

Light of Being-Yoga invites you to dedicate yourself to your body and the postures you like to explore, so that you feel calm and fully present, and from there can slowly open up to let the energy (light) of being blossom into your body consciousness. You admit this being energy to completely influence you, so that all your cells can be infused or touched by it. You then will experience the value of a special energetic relationship where love opens your existence to a greater extent that mere stretching and relaxing could possibly do. In this way, this yoga invites you to awaken to the experience of being, wherein you easily fall into a even deeper peace and harmony. As a part of a larger whole that embraces you, you will freely radiate that what you altogether are.

Longing for a spiritual way of living

Light of Being-Yoga has arisen in Anandajay out of his longing for a more spiritual way of living  instead of the hope that special achievements would give him depth. A spiritually oriented way of life requires a broader and deeper receptivity, through which the underlying truths of existence can be revealed and the more significant and essential qualities of life can become a compass for life.


The word yoga means ‘oneness of being’ and originates from the Sanskrit root Yuj, meaning ‘to join’, ‘to unite’ or ‘to yoke’. Just as a yoke connects two cattle and permits them to move unitedly in the same direction, so yoga serves you when it connects your functionality and your essence, your consciousness and your being, your humanity and your inspiration with another. However, if you focus on this process during a yoga pose, you move out of the wholistic experience and lose theat special connection with harmony, with the sensing of yoga Yoga wishes to strengthen everything that brings you back into connection with your harmony so you remain sensitive to your receptive  way of experiencing and find the courage to trust your being, your harmonic essence. Only out of a receptive openness you can feel when a life or yoga movement is supported by harmony and peace and that you are in alignment with the deeper values of your existence.

Feeling receptive

Yog asks you to constantly deal conscious with your own physical existence, moving in it, breathing in it and being present in it. Delicately you have to sense how the wealth of the experience of your own body and the more essential values of your existence will go hand in hand. The art of receptive feeling is thereby more important than the physical pose, so that there is open space for a more conscious, sensitive and open experience of your human existence as a whole.


Everyone lives his own way, and how your life manifest itself is an expression of your ‘state of being’. Every form of expression of your life, including what you experience in a yoga pose, is a mirror of to what extend you are connected to your being or not and how your way of living has enveloped itself  from there on. However, you cannot change this mirror by painting on it, but you can accept it in order to become aware of your own reality, then learn from it and develop further from there on. How you deal with what your body mirrors you and allows you to experience is a sincere reflection of your well-being on all possible levels. This mirror is not there to disturb you, but to help you to return to your inner self, your inner harmony. In yoga, every movement, every breath and every tension tells you who, what and how you are at that specific moment, but also in what you, manly unconscious, believe in, which aims you are building towards and what you do or don’t want to experience.

From Warrior to Lover

When you are openminded in such a way and feel you are present in this moment, you will feel a touching love expands itself within you. This love is not the result of an effort, but the organic consequence of complete acceptance and a peaceful approval, which will give an empathic glow and spaciness to you and all that exists around you. This extended yoga experience is not the result of just assuming a yoga pose, but blossoms out of a willingness to completely accepting yourself and everything about you. Ultimately, yoga is the invitation to let go the habit of any kind of fighting and open yourself for the truth of existance and the values it brings you. This willingness is a gesture of love. Yoga accompanies you on this path from being a warrior to become a lover, for yoga is meant as an expression of love,of coming together, of becoming whole and to be part of that wholeness.