Light of Being Center



The Light of Being Center is located in Hergersberg, a farming hamlet in a quiet, hilly walking area, 2.5 hours drive from Nijmegen and 1.5 hours from Maastricht. The center consists of three parts: the Light-house, with the course room and the guesthouse, the practice, for individual counselling, and the business part: the store and the office.

The center has fourteen comfortable and cozy guest rooms (with sink), 4 bathrooms, a beautiful large and bright course room and a large spacious kitchen with lounge and dining area. The whole center offers you a spacious, light and enveloping atmosphere, which invites you to let go of your daily life and come to yourself.

There is also an independent apartment for rent, for 1 or 2 persons, where you can on your own for a retreat period or a quiet vacation (see further on this page).


Attached to the school is a practice where individual guidance is given in the twelve spiritual forms of work that Anandajay has developed. These spiritual work forms let you experience the value, depth and richness of the human being that you are. 

Individual guidance from Anandajay is possible on request in certain weeks in the summer and individual sessions of the teachers are possible throughout the year.

Retreats and individual guidance

The Light of Being Center and the guest apartment are open all year round for you to stay there, have one or more conversations with Anandajay when he is there, or you can participate in various activities we organize there. We give meditation, yoga, and puja meetings and if there are enough people we also organize the Surya Namaskar in the mornings and the Sri Ananda dance in the evening. You can also request conversations with people from the School, or receive an individual Light of Being Massage, Healing, Breath, or Yoga session. Create your own program to bring even more depth and light to your stay and to support your spiritual process.

The Light of Being Center with its beautiful walking environment is a great place to be for a while. It turns out time and again that guests feel at ease and secure in the peace and tranquillity and become more connected to themselves again. We wish that to everyone, so feel welcome! 

Even if you have never participated in the activities of the Light of Being you can contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Walking environment

The hilly area around the Lighthouse, which lies at 615 meters, is ideal for many long walks, through quiet forests with streams and/or through flowering meadows, where foxes and roe deer cross your path with a bit of luck. The Ourthe rises here and several other streams meander through the valleys. The birds and birds of prey, are still abundant here and in spring and autumn cranes migrate in long strings over this area. 

Close to the guesthouse is the Kyllradweg, a cycle route that has been laid out over an old railway line, which runs along "der Kronenburger See", deep into Germany. And the High Fens-Eifel Nature Park can be reached in 40 minutes by car. The picturesque castle town of Kronenburg is a 10-minute drive away, where a few terraces offer a panoramic view of the Eifel. We are fortunate that this part of Belgium is non touristic and the endless, pure nature can inspire you to reconnect with your (pure) self.