School of Spiritual Awareness


About the school

The Light of Being - School of Spiritual Awareness of Anandajay offers a place for people who long for the deeper values of life. Throughout the year, the school offers a wide range of education, retreats and courses, in a variety of working practices, both for people who are taking the first steps in a more conscious life, and for those who want intensive spiritual guidance or training.

From May to October the program is provided by Anandajay who then gives his Summer School and from the end of September to April the Teachers provide the education, (online) courses and trajectories. There is also a German speaking branch in the school which offers a meditative Yoga training and several yoga and meditation classes. Throughout the year people can also come to us for individual consultations in the field of healing, massage, yoga, breathing - or life coaching. We offer these guides in Dutch, German French and English.   

Whatever you do in the school, you will always be guided in your desire to open up to what you essentially are and to learn to live in that sensitive openness. For both aspects: discovering who you essentially are and expressing it in relation to the world and the people around you, the guidance will pay equal attention. 


There is no vision, no religion, dogma, or conviction underlying the teachings. On the contrary, it is about feeling openly and receptively, and coming into contact with life itself in you and around you. The starting point is you, the person you are at this moment, in which nothing is rejected, changed, improved, or condemned. In the peace that then arises, you can discover that the joy of life, the happiness, the love, or the fulfillment you long for are hidden within yourself and your search for that in the outside world naturally comes to rest. 


Spiritual message and approach

Anandajay’s message of peace

 is a message which is needed and longed for in the world

and in the hearts of every human being,

and it asks you to sensitively open yourself

to realisation instead of conviction,

to being instead of becoming,

to a loving approach instead of a fighting habit

and to bringing things together instead of further dividing them.

This has led to the following four main directions of his work:

Light of Being-Jnana, -Dhyana, -Yoga and -Tantra.

Jnana - Awake & Live

Awake from your by habits automated consciousness and her convictions and open yourself again for the freedom to think and feel yourself, so that the insights which then arise, can connect you deeply with your joy of life. Read more...

Meditation - Wholeness & Stillness

Let meditation take you to the center of yourself and your experiences of being and sense the silence, embrace and wholeness that blossoms from there and feel how that heals all levels of your humanity and leads you into the core of your being. Read more...

Yoga - Love & Power

Discover that love is a healing and nurturing force, that deeply relaxes you by giving you an unlimited and free flow of pure and essential life energy, which will heal and support you in every yoga posture of your body as well as in every attitude towards life. Read more...

Tantra - Relationship & Aura

Learn to let the mirror of your energetic reality serve you, to deepen your relationship with yourself, with others, and with everything in life, creating a more conciliatory openness, that makes the quality of those relationships even more genuine, sincere and fulfilling. Read more...


Twelve teachings

Anandajay's pupils longed for a more concrete approach to the above mentioned dimensions of life

(insight, meditation, yoga and tantra) and he therefore developed twelve teachings to connect with your essence

and your humanity, with others and with life itself. The twelve teachings are:

All teachings offered by the School of Spiritual Awareness are intended as a spiritually oriented life guidance. From a realistic attitude towards all your potentials and habits they will help you to live freer and with more joy.


When you allow the 'Light of Being', both from within and from the outside, back into you, you will experience how valuable your existence actually is and how the energy of this light affects you in a healing way at all levels.

For The Light of Being, spirituality does not stand for an idealistic level of consciousness that is separate from the so-called daily life, but you are invited to experience the fulness of your soul as the natural state, which is effortless, very common and is your deepest base  and gives substance to your daily life.


The twelve teachings help to bring the opposites of life as close as possible, so that you can feel their original connection and thereby come to peace.

When there is peace, then there is room for relationship, exchange and meeting, so that the opposites of your life, now peacefully together, can become intertwined. By being able to go together, they give an even richer quality to your existence, just as woven threads, when they are combined, form one cloth.    

If you feel yourself as a whole again, apart from friction or struggle, you come into a quality of peace and you will feel spiritually salvaged. You are therefore more open to a harmonious and unified experience of all that you are.


Allowing all that you are to come together in a peaceful way is the spiritual dimension of life, bringing you more deeply into contact with the values of love and spirit that you so long for.

This brings you in a relationship with the all-encompassing Being, which gives you access to tolerance, compassion and meeting your essence. Qualities that will contribute socially to world peace.


All twelve teachings of The Light of Being are creative and loving entrances to self-awareness and make the value of the essential life, which is naturally present in every human being, more clearly experiential  so, as an inner guide, this value can enrich your daily life. The connection between your inner essence and your outer functioning will be opened up by the anthology of these teachings and give you confidence in the profound potential of the so special and enriching value of your life as a human being.



Anandajay (1955) is a spiritual teacher of Dutch origin, who brings people home to their essence. From an early age his life has been dedicated to the spiritual dimension of existence. In the course of his life he founded the Light of Being organization from which he spreads his life message of love, peace and 'being there'.

His great commitment to the state of the world and its contrast with the depth and purity of the human essence he experiences, sets him in motion relentlessly to contribute, through the guidance of individuals and groups, and through his music, videos and books, to a peaceful and more natural rather than merely material orientation of people.


The teachers at the school

We are in the School of Spiritual Awareness with a team of six Teachers, living around the spiritual center in Hergersberg and taking care of the activities as well as caring for the center itself. For over fifteen years we have been students of Anandajay and we have come to live in his nearness to support his work. Anandajay not only guides us in our lives and work, but he has also thoroughly trained and initiated us in the twelve Light of Being Teachings we work with.  

For all of us, the longing to live in connection with the Light of Being is the most important in our lives. Our daily dedication to this spiritual richness and the deep connection with Anandajay and his work are the source of inspiration from which we shape our work in the school. We hope and wish to contribute to a world in which people live more in harmony and peace with themselves and their fellow human beings.

The Teachings, such as meditation, dance, yoga, healing, massage and heartsinging offer each in their own way an entrance to this deep feeling of harmony in yourselve. When harmony, peace or joy are given space as essential qualities in yourselve, they can flow naturally within you and to the people around you.

Also in the Netherlands you can contact several Light of Being Teachers, students of Anandajay who have been with him for many years and have been trained by him in one or more of the twelve Light of Being Teachings work forms. All teachers meet annually in the 12 day Teachings retreat, a period of ‘recalibration’ and deepening that is supervised by Anandajay. We are then re-initiated by him in order to pass on the Light of Being work forms.

Dutch is our working language, but you can also come to us for guidance in English, German or French.

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