Barbara van der Hoeven


In 2003 I took my first steps in the Light of Being School of Spiritual Awareness and that is the most beautiful gift I have ever given myself. This school is the place where I found my spiritual home and where, connected with Anandajay and the other teachers, I feel recognized in my desire to contribute a different quality to the world. I feel it is my mission to share with others what I have learned and discovered about myself and life and to support people in their search for the loving connection with themselves and with others. So that they can experience the peaceful happiness that comes from that connection.

Through personal consultation, and supported by various Light of Being work forms, such as meditation, yoga, breath guidance, sacred dance and puja, I invite you to experience in a tangible way that what you long for is already in you. Together we discover what keeps you from being happy, free and connected. And how a peaceful and loving encounter with that which hinders you, melts blockages, so that life can flow again. That may sound very poetic or too simple to be true, but it is my own living experience. The many years of 'working on myself' that led nowhere, confronted me at a certain point with the only other way: to honestly face myself in who I am and how I behave, and to approach and accept myself with love, love myself including all the dark sides.

It is that experience which opened up another living space for me - that of love instead of struggle - which makes me trust in the goodness of life. Basic goodness that is accessible to everyone. I help you discover the, often hidden, access to that space. Here you will find your home, the base from which you can make the valuable connection with yourself and also with others.

Before I became a student of Anandajay, I was educated as a spiritual life path guide, and for a number of years I also worked as such. Prior to that I worked as an information and communication advisor for the government, where I could let my heart flow as a 'bridge builder' and connector between people. Feel welcome for an introductory meeting or read elsewhere on the website the program offered by me and my colleagues.


Meditation, Yoga, SacredDance, ChakraHealing, KoshaMassage, SoulGuidance, PeaceBreathing, MantraPrayers, HeartSinging, LightMessenger

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