Carina Bouwers


When I was 21 years old, I met the spiritual teacher Anandajay and his energy touched me deeply, because through his presence I felt my spiritual longing for my source and saw my essence mirrored in his presence. Since then, his spiritual teaching has guided me on my life path, a path on which I wish to be guided by my essence. I cannot imagine a life without this essence. I would not know where else to get my longing, my inner strenght, my joy of life, my feelings of love and my inspiration from.

At the age of thirty-five, in 2005, I quit my job in the Netherlands and sold my house and moved to Belgium, because I felt that I wanted to be guided by something else in my life than the normal social conventions. I wished to come closer to myself and support Anandajay's life's work.

What I have been strongly touched by, all my life, is the contrast between what I see outside me and what I feel inside me. Yet somewhere within myself I knew that this separation is partly caused by my own separating and judging. Gradually I feel that real peace means that I accept myself, the other and the world completely, from the surface to the depth, and that I really don't reject or exclude anything anymore.

In my daily life I am a teacher of Dutch and history at a secondary school in East Belgium, I am mother of two daughters, and I teach Light of Being Yoga, pregnancy yoga and Heartsinging.

It is joyful when I can bring you back to yourself through my guidance. You are not only a functioning human being, but you are also a valuable and feeling,human being, with a soul within you. The core of my guidance is that you learn to listen to your inner voice again, make friends with yourself and discover and know your own worth again.


Yoga, HeartSinging

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